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Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, you need to eat and drink to survive, people, events and quests will act differently depending on choices you made before in your gameplay. 
I put over 1200+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has around 8-9hours of game play currently depending how you play. I hope you enjoy it and leave some feedback.

  1. Map is  150x120 squares big (The finished map will be 500x500 or even 2x(500x500). 
  2. Quests 85(currently)
  3. Party member 2 (Currently. More members will be added in future as I work)
  4. Interactive spells (Casting spells require to be pressed in a sequence in set amount of time to work with 100% chance of it hitting)
  5. Day/Night cycle (Unlike most of RPGMaker games, day/night here determinate if you can enter a house freely or have to pick a lock (during the night. Some events and quests  will trigger at night and quest givers/quest objective will only spawn at night (e.g.: Kill 10 owls (not an actual quest in game but for sake of reference)). 
  6. Statuses: Hunger, Thirst and Sleep (If Hunger and thirst hits 0 your character dies. As sleep goes down, so do your stats but it's not fatal)
  7. Prison System (If there are friendly NPC's around the player and he chose to steal from them, he goes to prison with two options; A) Wait (~30seconds or 2 in game days) or B) Pay
  8.  World Locations 24(170+ inside locations (including houses))
  9. Blackjack mini-game (for those who like to gamble and have fun on the side)
  10. 1000+ Interact-ables (bookshelf's, drawers, closets, boxes, etc)
  11. Lockpicking
  12. 700+ items, weapons and gear combined
  13. Crafting and Breaking 
  14. Alchemy
  15. Cooking
  16. Achievements 
  17.  Lots of events that make's you chose what to do which will shape your game experience and ending
  18. Fog of War - Rooms with doors are dark until you enter it. They go back to dark when you leave the room.  Room with no doors are normal (windows let the light in)
  19. Different Endings There will be two different endings depending on players choices 
  20. Purchasable houses - A place to call your own.
  21. Fishing- Now you can fish and gather resources for cooking and possibly earn a nice penny
  22. Steal- You can steal items, money or gear from certain enemies during battle
  23. Flavorful sounds for drink, eat, sleep, armor and weapon equip. 
  24. Spell cool downs
  25. Item weight- Now items will have weight making player chose what to carry on him
  26. Bank/Storage- Players can store stuff and gold in banks for a small fee just like real life!
  27. Aftermath window- People have now more insight on what spoils they got, how much xp they got and xp growth! What fun to be had with more stats !
  28. Escape penalty - Now, when you escape you lose 5% xp. This makes it so that you actually feel defeated, instead of just retreat to skip battles.
  29. Difficulty System - Now you can chose how you want to play the game. From Easy to Torment the enemies will have stats to make you walk pass them like a breeze or crush your very soul.  All enemies have different hp,mp,tp, stats depending which difficulty you play on. Easy=50% of Normal/Default stats and Torment=150% stats for them. As I work, I will try to find a way to make enemies have different spells on different difficulty. 

8 Classes:

1. Sellsword - An ex-soldier class that uses all kind of weapons and gear to rip and tear enemies on the battlefield.
2. Cultist - A harbinger of the dark forces. Uses various spells to afflict enemies HP and abilities. Can use blood sacrifices (kill friendly party members) to do massive damage and afflictions.
3. Paladin - Warrior of Light that strikes his foes with righteous fury. Users both abilities and spells to change the tide of battle.
4. Ranger - Utilities the nature and the environment to strike fear in enemies, unseen. Various traps and few spells that are learned from the time spent with elves.
5. Bandit - Always scheming, uses agility to strike their enemies. A bandit don't shy away form using less savory means to kill their target.
6. Cleric - Going down path of the Lord, you shy away from violence, but use your abilities to help those in need, while accidents do happen... It's a battle after all.
7. Sorcerer - Going to the school of Magic, you learn various school of spells to damage your foes from afar. 
8. Commoner - A common peasant.

NOTE: Some areas aren't done yet and so goes for the main quest. Since I made classes I had to change whole main story line and areas, conversations and events. So, for now, there isn't main quest, it's a "make your own story" kind of things, something like Skyrim just go and do stuff. Main story will come later on when I do a lot of re-work.

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